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Consumers find they save money with the help of the discount offered through this auto repair firm, reports Transmission Repair of Houston

DK 2309 — Transmission Repair of Houston reports the average transmission repair runs $2,245, and basic repair jobs typically cost less, yet may still run $1,000 or more. To assist clients with the cost of a transmission repair, Transmission Repair of Houston offers a discount, one which applies to most domestic vehicles. The cost of vehicle ownership continues to rise, and this discount helps to keep it under control. When consumers find they are in need of Transmission Repair in Houston, many turn to Transmission Repair of Houston for help.

"Individuals in need of a transmission rebuild houston or a transmission replacement regularly choose Transmission Repair of Houston thanks to the two to three day turnaround time. Financing options aid those customers who find the cost of the repair to be more than they can presently afford, and towing continues to be free with repairs. Customers who plan to keep their car for an extended period of time love that the company offers a lifetime warranty option," Bob Ferguson, spokesperson for Transmission Repair of Houston, explains.

Transmission Repair of Houston provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of clients. In addition to transmission rebuilds, the company assists those needing replacement transmission and engine mounts, transfer case service, brake service, and more. To prevent future issues, the company also offers a free hose and belt inspection.

Ferguson emphasizes the importance of preventative maintenance. When a driver notices an issue with a vehicle, whether it be a new sound or a change in the way the car feels during operation, it is time to bring the vehicle in. This may be a change in initial engagements, 4X4 performance, downshift timing, or another area. The cost of a transmission repair may be significantly reduced when the problem is diagnosed early and fixed.

Many variables play a role in how much one pays for a transmission repair. The make and model of the vehicle affect the cost, as does the type and extent of the damage. CVT transmissions, larger versions, and exotic transmissions, such as those found in a Mercedes or Porsche typically have a small upgrade cost, and consumers pay more when hard parts or core items are required to restore the vehicle to factory standards. Electrical issues increase the cost of the transmission repair too, which is why drivers need to bring their vehicle in for a detailed quote.

"We want all customers to be fully satisfied with the work done at our shop and provide full disclosure before any work is done. Our business couldn't continue without the support of our clients, and we wish to thank those who have put their trust in our mechanics. Transmission Repair of Houston hopes to serve clients for another 30 years or longer," Ferguson declares.

About Transmission Repair of Houston:

Transmission Repair of Houston brings more than 30 years of experience to each vehicle repair and strives to provide superior quality to each client, while keeping prices affordable. The company has earned a reputation for doing the work right every time, and consumers reward them for doing so by referring friends and family. The company offers free written estimates, computer diagnostics, and towing, and the maximum price remains guaranteed. Consumers feel confident making use of this provider, as each repair features an excellent warranty.

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